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Welcome To The Tuesday Night Golf League!

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Available Qualified Subs:
Rick Drouin 321-704-3691
Mark Hedgecock 321-794-2891
Mike Hewitt 321-591-3405
Steve McConnell 321-890-2701
Chris Meixel 321-246-0392
Dirk Rieckmann 334-806-5575
Connie Rummel 321-258-2879

League Committee:
Martin Dougherty
Pirpo McCurry
Scott Muller
Andy Pinkerton
Kevin Reed
Bruce Reeder

League Rules:

We use a modified Stableford scoring system. Our Stableford scoring will be set up as follows:

You get:
1 point for a bogey
2 points for a par
4 points for a birdie
6 points for an eagle
and if you manage to get a hole in one, that is worth 10 points.

Because there are no points for anything double-bogey or worse, you then simply pick up your ball. Picking up with a double bogey or worse will improve pace of play. Not only that, tanking a hole will not adversely impact your round. If you blow up on a hole, the worse you can get is a zero in Stableford format.

We are going to take the last 5 rounds played from last year to get your average Stableford points. This is equivalent to ‘handicapping’ everyone across the board. Once we have your average, you will be required to get that many points each round before your start accruing positive points for the round. This is a ‘rolling’ 5 rounds. If you are new to the league, we will take your last 5 rounds, determine your stableford points for each round, then convert it to a 5 round average stableford score.

For example, if your average is 8.7, you will need to get 8.7 points to net even. If you get 5 pars (10 points) and 4 bogeys (4 points), you would have posted 14 points, but earned a net 5.3 points (14 minus your average of 8.7).

Each week that goes by, we will remove the oldest round and add the current week’s round to keep your Stableford average up to date.

There are 3 total points that can be earned per round. There will be 3 total matches going on per group. Each group has an A player and a B player. The A player is the person with the better Stableford average (higher points). When you go to play each week, the A players go against each other for one point, the B players go against each other for one point, and the overall winning net Stableford score gets one point.

For example, Reeder/Torres vs. Taylor/Muller
Reeder vs. Taylor
Reeder posts a 4.5, Taylor posts a 2.7, Reeder wins by 1.8 Stableford points; Reeder wins 1 overall match point

Torres vs. Muller
Torres posts a 3.4, Muller posts a 3.9, Muller wins by .5 Stableford points; Muller wins 1 overall match point

Reeder/Torres earned 4.5 + 3.4 = 7.9 points
Taylor/Muller earned 2.7 + 3.9 = 6.6 points
Reeder/Torres have a 1.3 point net difference over Taylor/Muller, so they earn the final 1 match point

Round final, Reeder/Torres 2 points, Taylor/Muller 1 point

As of 5/3/18:
The ball may be rolled in the fairway within one scorecard length, no closer to the hole. Rolling the ball means just that, it is NOT a lift/clean/place.

In the effort to keep pace of play, all hazards not marked by a white stake or painted line shall be treated as such: drop the ball within two club lengths of the last point of entry into the hazard, no closer to the hole, regardless of the USGA rule of keeping line of sight between the point of entry of the hazard and the hole. All marked hazards, whether painted line or white stakes, shall be penalized as defined by the USGA or local course rules. However, if you hit a ball OB as defined by a white painted line or white stake, you have the option of going back to the original point from where you last hit with a one shot penalty, or you can drop within two club lengths where the ball last entered the hazard, no closer to the hole, and take a two shot penalty.

These points are accrued each week for the season total. Whichever team has the most points at the end of the season wins. The top three teams will be paid:
First Place: $700
Second Place: $400
Third Place: $300

If there are ties, the winnings will be split. (Ex. If two teams tie for first place, the two teams would split the first two payouts, or $1,100).

In addition to the year-end winners, the top dog each week will be paid $60.
By top dog I mean whoever posts the most individual net Stableford points each week. If you have a good day, you should be rewarded. All ties, if any, split the $60. SUBS CANNOT WIN TOP DOG. If you are new to the league, until you establish a true handicap with our league (3 rounds minimum), your net is capped each of the first three weeks as +3 max.

If your playing partner is missing one week and you do not have a sub, your team cannot win the overall match point.

A list of preferred subs is provided at the top of this page. Please call one of them if you know your partner will be missing any given week. It is also common courtesy to give the subs (and me) ample notice, so use good judgement. If you would like to add someone to the preferred sub list, please contact me. People are 'preferred' if they already have a stableford average, but it does not prohibit you from recommending someone else.

If your sub doesn't have at least 3 qualified stableford rounds with the league, their round will not count towards the match. Their round will be counted toward qualifying them for future rounds of competing for points as a qualified sub, but that's it.

If you are playing by yourself (no sub for your missing partner), you will play individually against both players of the other team; that is, your stableford net is used to compete against the other two players on an individual match basis. However, even if you win both individual matches, you CANNOT win the overall match point. The one exception to this rule is when both teams have no sub, in which case all three points are available to win in a heads-up match.

In the rare circumstance where both players from one team are absent, if both players are replaced by qualified subs, all three points are up for grabs in the match.

There are two wagering pools: $5 for outright skins, $5 for CTP/BD.
Skins are obvious; there is no handicap involved. Win a hole outright, you earn a skin. All skins winners are paid out of the pot, rounding to the nearest dollar when applicable.

The CTP/BD is broken down as follows: $.50 for each closest to the pin (CTP) and $4 for the blind draw stableford pairings at the end of the round. Each CTP winner gets paid cash, rounding to the nearest dollar when applicable. The blind draw stableford is a computer program that randomly picks people from the database and pairs them. If there are an odd number of people in the pool, the person with the lowest net stableford for the day is dropped from the drawing. The top 3 teams with the highest team net stableford get paid a pro-rated amount from the pool (50%/30%/20%). All ties will result in the money being pooled for the respective groups and split amongst the winners.

If you do not show up after the round and you have won money, we will take 10% as a holding fee. We are not a bank and holding money over every week is tedious to track.

The course and/or the Committee (majority vote) dictates whether it is safe to play or not. No team can unilaterally say the conditions are unsafe to play. If inclement weather is headed our direction prior to us teeing off, a decision will be made ahead of time to play or not. If we decide to play, only the course lightning warning system would halt play. If there are dark clouds and/or rain, but the lightning warning has not been sounded, play will continue. If you personally feel the conditions are unsafe but the rest of the group continues on, your match will be forfeit and the other team will get all the points. If you leave and your playing partner stays, your playing partner would play heads up against both opponents as described above per the sub rule.

If any given week is rained out or called off for any other reason, the cancelled week gets rolled to the next week and pushes out the schedule. So, if we get rained out on a week where we're playing the front, the following week is still going to be played on the back 9 with the same matchups.

In the event course management and/or the Committee (majority vote) closes the course due to weather mid-round, and it's determined the round cannot be completed due to daylight/time constraints, the week will be considered cancelled unless the majority of the group has completed at least 5 holes. If most groups have completed 4 or less holes, the week is a scratch and everything gets pushed out a week. We only get TWO rainouts without incurring more greens fees. If at least 5 holes were complete, all unfinished holes will be pro-rated to each player's respective stableford average.

If you have questions, call me (Jim) 863-7287. Any gripes/concerns/constructive feedback, please address the Committee. Thank you!